VAC International Group

About Us

VAC International Group was founded in 2008, the headquarters is located in Brisbane, Queensland. Ms. Liu Xiuhua (Tina Liu) is the Director of VAC International Group, and Mr Liu Zheng (Steven Liu) is the Deputy Director and CEO. We worked long and hard to create VAC Media, VAC Real Estate and VAC International Trade. VAC International Group truly caters to Chinese community and local people in the Greater Brisbane Area. Our goal is to expand Chinese culture; integrate communication between China and Australia; deliver the voice of the local Chinese; enhance multiculturalism; to pioneer the latest world fashion and contribute to local Chinese community development. VAC International Group delivers information which covers news, entertainment, life style and music, according to the interest of the local Chinese community. By broadcasting a positive and healthy living philosophy, we are aiming to become the bridge between the local Chinese community and mainstream society.

 Corporate Structure

 · VAC TV  -  BRIZ 31 / Channel 44  -  4 hours of excellent Chinese TV programs per day

 · Australian Chinese Time -VAC has created a Chinese newspaper called “Australian Chinese Time”, it is the only newspaper that prints in Chinese simplified characters in Queensland. The newspaper (64 - 80 pages) publishes with a circulation of 10,000 which is distributed as bulk drop in more than 50 primary locations throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas for Chinese Community. The newspaper is also distributed on China Southern Airlines flights from Brisbane - Guangzhou - Beijing and at the Brisbane Chinese Visa Application Centre.

 ·  VAC Chinese Radio - VAC is running a Chinese language radio (AM 1656) specifically working with and for Chinese people since September 26th, 2008 , which is on air 24 hours per day and also is broadcasting 24 hours through online streaming on the Internet The Listenership of the radio is around 76 % according to the latest Survey in Feb 2012.

 ·  VAC English Radio - VAC is also running an English radio channel (AM 1197) working with and for local people since October 4th 2010. AM1197,which is broadcasting 12 hours per day through online streaming on the Internet

 ·  VAC Official Website -

 ·  VAC Event Management Company - VAC also is the biggest cultural and business events organizer and presenter. In the past years, VAC has successfully organized and presented several cultural events including “Embrace China Show in Brisbane”, “Cultural China & Spring Festival”, “My Dream” and “Chinese Acrobatic Spectacular” etc..

 ·  VAC Real Estate

 ·  VAC International Trade


·  Member of “Global Chinese Media Cooperation Union” - The International Forum of Chinese Media (IFOCM), hosted by China News Service (CNS) every two years, is the largest-scale summit of global Chinese media leaders. Since 2001, the event has been held successfully 6 times. In 2009, under the initiative of CNS, the Global Chinese Media Cooperation Union was established on the principle of "service, interaction, equality and mutual benefits" during the fifth IFOCM. Currently the union has 304 members from 34 countries and regions.

·  Member of “Global Chinese Broadcasting Cooperation Network” -  China National Radio (CNR), which is one of the most important and influential media in China, established Global Chinese Broadcasting Cooperation (GCBC), a network of Chinese-language radio organizations worldwide.

·  Member of “Global Chinese TV Broadcasting Association” -  Formed by China Central Television (CCTV)

·  Co-operative partner of CCTV

·  The Australian partner of Chinese Radio International (CRI)

·  Cooperative Relationships with Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and several China-based television and broadcast media organizations in the areas of program interchange.

 Why VAC

VAC International Group  is the perfect medium to promote your business and increase your brand awareness. This is great news for Brisbane’s Chinese and local Australian but even better news for any business targeting Chinese consumers or local Australian.

We have a wide range of options to make promoting your business on radio & TV work, newspaper and magazine, as well as events for your business, and we can work with any sized campaign, within any sized budget.

Whether you are a small business looking to try media promotions for the first time, an agency looking for innovative new ways of delivering results to your client, or a large company looking to compliment your existing marketing – VAC International Group is the perfect option. The huge ranges of benefits that can come from working with VAC include:

 ·  Increased exposure to the lucrative Chinese market and local people market.

 ·  Radio and newspaper are effective for "word of mouth" or viral marketing.

 ·  Your message is heard and read the Great Brisbane Area wide on air and circulation, and world-wide via the WWW.VACRADIO.COM.AU

 ·  Bonus link listing on our website improves your search engine rankings

 ·  Low cost, high impact packages available

Please send an email to 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。 and we’ll be in contact to set up a radio (Chinese & English), newspaper and magazine as well as web and events sponsorship doing a tridimensional campaign to help deliver new customers, clients and patrons to your business! An ad’s package is available.